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1st October 2017



Rt. Hon. Bill English - Leader, National Party


Jacinda Adern MP - Leader, Labour Party


Rt. Hon. Winston Peters - Leader, New Zealand First Party


James Shaw MP - Co Leader, Green Party


Dear Party leaders,


A winner in this year’s election was the New Zealand environment. It featured as a bigger concern amongst the electorate than ever before. All of you through your party manifestos made commitments to improve the state of our environment. We congratulate you for those promises.

As environmental leaders, we wish to offer our congratulations to all parties and to both sitting and new MPs for their election success. We also wish to acknowledge those parties and MPs who are departing Parliament and thank them for their work.

There is now a strong public expectation that whichever parties form the next Government, there must

be clear gains for fresh water, the climate and conservation in the next three years.

We offer our help in achieving these gains:



It is clear that ecologically healthy freshwaters, and the ability of New Zealanders to safely swim in their rivers and lakes, will be a key measure of environmental success for the new Government. This can only be achieved if government facilitates and supports a transformation of the primary sector toward new, environmentally-friendly land uses and practices, coupled with tougher regulation and market signals which reflect the true costs of resource use.



There must be a more structured and transparent approach to tackling the greatest challenge of our time – climate change. New Zealand’s emissions have continued to climb and we need an ambitious plan on how to reduce them. Transformative change is required through a new law to establish a statutory carbon budgeting process overseen by an independent Climate Commission to plan, monitor and report on the transition to net zero by 2050. Anything less betrays this and future generations.



The jewels in the crown of our national identity are the unique species which inhabit our lands, waters and wild places. We need the new Government to institute real measures to protect and enhance the viability of our precious species. This includes the health of the diverse and invaluable terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that sustain both them and valued introduced species. An increase in funding of DOC’s core budget must be a key component in that strategy.


These issues, and the many others that fall under the umbrella of “environment”, are at the heart of the richness of our quality of life in New Zealand, and underpin our international reputation. They are also at the core of a genuinely sustainable future and are therefore true legacy issues. The natural world is our home and there are few greater gifts we can bestow our children than a vibrant, vital and healthy natural world.


We promise to continue our strong advocacy for the environment and look forward to working with all political parties, both in the next government and in the opposition, to achieve positive gains for our environment.



Yours sincerely






Friday 28 April is the closing date for making submissions and a simple online form is available at:




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Merry Christmas!


We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy and collabrative 2017!

Thank you all for your continued support to Ecologic!


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 15 September 2016

Media release


Environmental Groups support Government on the Kermadec/Rangitāhua Ocean Sanctuary

Representatives of leading environmental groups have reaffirmed their strong support for the proposed Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary.

The groups include Greenpeace, WWF, Forest & Bird, the Environmental Defence Society and Ecologic.

Greenpeace Executive Director Dr Russel Norman said that he backed the Government’s determination to create the Sanctuary in spite of strong resistance from the fishing industry.

“The Kermadec proposal will be the largest ever marine protected area in our jurisdiction. It will have immense ecological benefits, allowing marine life in 15% of our Exclusive Economic Zone to prosper without any form of commercial exploitation,” said Dr Norman.

WWF-New Zealand’s Senior Campaigner, Alex Smith, said that fishing industry lobbyists had consistently opposed the creation of no-take marine reserves so the current opposition was not unexpected.

“New Zealand has obligations under international law to protect the marine environment that surrounds us. The Government is entirely within its rights to create marine protected areas like the Kermadec/Rangitāhua Ocean Sanctuary,” said Mr Smith.

“The Sanctuary is backed by solid science and by 89% of New Zealanders. We urge the fishing industry to break away from its traditional opposition to full marine protection and get behind this initiative.”

Forest & Bird spokesperson Kevin Hackwell said that no government has done, or could do, a deal in relation to our fisheries management system that would compromise the country’s international obligations regarding the EEZ.

“The sustainable management of our oceans requires us to set aside some areas that are fully protected,” said Mr Hackwell.

The Environmental Defence Society is also supportive of the Sanctuary and has applied to join the two fishing industry High Court proceedings that are challenging the creation of the Sanctuary.

“We consider that both sets of proceedings have little or no legal merit and that the claims that are being made by the industry through the media do not stand up in law,” said EDS Chairman Gary Taylor.

“The sector is trying to bully the Government into reneging on the Kermadec proposal. The fishing sector is behaving in a self-serving way and ignoring the wider public interest in conservation of our marine environment.”

The Executive Director of Ecologic, long-time environmentalist Guy Salmon, said that it was great to see the Prime Minister holding firm.

“This is the biggest conservation gain for our oceans in my lifetime and is of international importance,” he said.

“I don’t believe the Sanctuary involves a breach of property rights, and that claim will now be tested in Court.”




12 September 2016


Evironmental Challenges in the Future of NZ's Agriculture



Presentation 12th Sep 2016

Guy Salmon's Presentation The Environmental Challenges in the Future of NZ Agriculture:

This Powerpoint was part of his speech to the farming leaders group The Shepherds in Masterton, focusing on climate emissions from agriculture.

In his speech Guy focused, provocatively and collaboratively on current emmision rates through agriculture with a solution focused approach.

(Click on the image to view Guy's Powerpoint Presentation or in the link for the pdf format)



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