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Biodiversity getting fragmented near Waitoa, New Zealand
Biodiversity getting fragmented near Waitoa, New Zealand

Sustainable Land Use

IMAGINE a New Zealand countryside in which:

~ Well-cared-for, productive farmland is mixed with patches of native bush and wetlands, and a variety of native birds can readily be seen;

~ The streams are all fenced off and lined with native vegetation, their waters run clear and support many species of fish;

~ The soils are healthy, rich in organic matter and earthworms, and the partly planted slopes are free of slips and landslides; and

~ You can put a well down anywhere and the groundwater comes up free of pesticides and pathogens, with negligible nitrate levels, and is absolutely safe to drink.

Ecologic’s aim is to make that vision a reality across New Zealand within a generation.

What are the barriers we face?

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