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The Ecologic Foundation promotes sustainable development. Our background is in working for the environment but we differ from traditional environment groups in two ways:

  • While we accept there is an important role for groups which highlight problems, our own focus is on working toward solutions.  
  • The solutions we are looking for integrate environmental, economic and ethical benefits, rather than promoting one aspect at the expense of the others.

The work we do includes:

  • Policy Research – drawing on knowledge in environmental sciences, economics and ethics, and consulting widely, to design policy solutions to complex problems;  
  • Communication – placing our ideas before the public, our members, business, environmental professionals, and central and local governments in New Zealand and abroad;  
  • Litigation – in selected cases, testing our proposed policy solutions before the Environment Court;  
  • Consultancy – for a decade we have provided consultancy advice to government departments, local governments, business organisations, and international organisations on the ‘greening’ of their strategies, policies and practices.

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