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Pathways to Sustainability

Ecologic Foundation's mission is simply: Pathways to Sustainability. Our mission is based on the following statement of our core values and identity.

We believe that all pathways to sustainability must respect and harmonise three sets of principles - those concerned with Ecology, Economy, and Ethics. These are the three Es of sustainability. Developed in a mutually supportive way, they can offer a new, multi-dimensional model of what we mean by wealth or progress.

We can claim sustainable progress when measures of economic, ecological and ethical well-being are all improving together - and not otherwise.

What do each of the three Es mean to us?

  • We believe that ecological well-being arises when people live in harmony with nature, and safeguard the interests of future generations, by sustaining fundamental natural processes over time. Ecological well-being is based on a respectful relationship with nature, something the world is gradually re-learning the need for. This philosophy supports the careful use of natural resources for human benefit, but requires the avoidance of undue risk to ecosystems and their components, including humans.
  • We affirm that economic well-being is vital to enable fulfillment, opportunity, and freedom. We embrace the potentially positive roles of technology, innovation, economic growth and globalisation. We seek practical, enduring and least-cost solutions to the problems and challenges of the development process.
  • We believe ethical well-being is a characteristic of a society which affirms and develops the highest human qualities. A contemporary understanding of the character of an ethical society is one that shows and fosters respect for all people, considering their needs, values and interests; which cultivates mutuality, civility, personal integrity, openness, good faith, cultural expression, and respect for science and reason; and which links freedom with responsibility to others.

For a summary of how we are pursuing our mission, see our Annual Report.

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