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James Baines and Marg O'Brien, Reflections on the Collaborative Governance Process of the Land and Water Forum, Ecologic Research Report No.12, November 2012.

Guy Salmon, Canterbury Water Management Strategy - a case study in collaborative governance. Ecologic Research Report No.11, February 2012.

Marg O'Brien, Review of Collaborative Governance: Factors crucial to the internal workings of the collaborative process, Ecologic Research Report No.10, April 2010.

Jim Sinner, Andrew Fenemor, James Baines, A Case Study of Water Management in the Motueka Catchment: Responses to Water Allocation Reform Proposals. Ecologic Research Report No.9, December 2006. 

Jörn Scherzer and Jim Sinner, Resource Rent - Have you paid any lately?, Ecologic Research Report No.8, December 2006. 

James Baines and Bronwyn Morgan, Review of Integrated Impact Assessment, Ecologic Research Report No.7, April 2006. 

Andrew Fenemor and Jim Sinner, Institutional Inertia? Case studies of Transferable Water Permits in New Zealand, Ecologic Research Report No.6, December 2005. 

James Palmer, Hana Crengle and Jim Sinner, Implementation Failure: Resource Rents for the Occupation of Coastal Space, Ecologic Research Report No.5, December 2005.

Jim Sinner and Andrew Fenemor, The Adoption of ITQ for New Zealand’s Inshore Fisheries, Ecologic Research Report No.4, Nov 2005 

Jim Sinner, James Palmer, Andrew Fenemor, James Baines and Hana Crengle, The Adoption of Market-Based Instruments for Resource Management: Three New Zealand Case Studies. Ecologic Research Report No.3. October 2005 

Jim Sinner, James Baines, Hana Crengle, Guy Salmon, Andrew Fenemor, and Gail Tipa, Sustainable Development: A summary of key concepts, Ecologic Research Report No.2, July 2004

Guy Salmon, Matilda Sundström and Kim Zilliacus, Environmental Management and Natural Resource Allocation Frameworks of New Zealand, Sweden and Finland: A Comparative Description, Ecologic Research Report No.1, June 2005 



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