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A critical issue for everyone concerned about sustainable development is, how can we bring it about? Ecologic staff can provide rigorous analysis and practical advice on government policies and strategies and can help clients in business and government advance sustainable development. Ecologic staff have also served on a number of government working parties.

Our expertise:

Our expertise lies in:

(1) Environmental policy analysis: We can provide analyses, reviews and evaluations of government policies, strategies and policy proposals. We can also help in the development of new policies and strategies (e.g. sustainable development strategies).

(2) Collaborative governance: We can help with advice on how to make change happen in value-ladden and long-term sustainability issues. Our FRST-funded research programme has investigated in more detail how to resolve the tensions between democracy and sustainability. This involved case studies comparing New Zealand institutions with those in the Nordic countries. We found that collaborative governance is a key factor why the Nordic countries have generally been more successful in developing effective and more durable policy than we have. You can read more about this work on our SD Research page.

(3) Market-based instruments: We can help with advice on the use of market-based instruments. Ecologic is a strong believer in the use of incentives to motivate individuals and businesses to change their behaviour. You can read about this approach in a report Ecologic prepared for the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development: How Economic Incentives Motivate Sustainable Development: An Introduction. In addition, our FRST-funded research programme has investigated in more detail the barriers to the use of incentive-based approaches. You can read more about this work on our SD Research page.

(4) Business sustainability: We can help private companies to identify and reduce environmental impacts, and to make their business sustainable for the long term. We have worked with companies such as New Zealand King Salmon, GreenPlan Forestry, and Waste Management Ltd.

Our previous work:

Our previous work includes:

If you are interested in our consultancy services or if you would like to explore the possibility of having Ecologic help you assess a sustainability issue, please contact Guy Salmon (Executive Director of Ecologic Foundation) on 021 548 336 or send him an email.

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