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Influence Public Authorities

Guaranteeing a sustainable future is not just up to us as consumers and individuals. Much of the responsibility also lies with our Governments, local authorities and regulators.

However, we do have the opportunity to influence the management of the local environment by these authorities:

  • Take and interest in, and make submissions on, proposed plans prepared under the Resource Management Act. These will be available from your local authority, libraries, and will generally be notified in the ‘Public Notices’ section of your local newspaper.
  • Also take an interest in any publicy-notified resouce consent applications under the Resource Management Act. They will typically appear in the ‘Public Notices’ section of your local newspaper.
  • Encourage your local authority to upgrade its sewerage systems and landfill, to introduce kerbside recycling and composting, and to clean up any orphan contaminated sites.
  • Consider volunteering for office in your local ratepayers/residents associations.
  • Consider standing for office in your city or district council or, most importantly, your regional council. Alternatively, support other good people to stand.
  • Vote for candidates that are committed to improving the environment.
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