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Seven Things To Do TODAY

  1. Turn the thermostat on your water heater down to 60 C
    Cost: FREE
  2. Install a compact fluorescent light in a high-use area of your home. You can buy one at your local supermarket.
    Cost: $12-14.00
  3. Set up your own compost bin. A well-designed bin will turn your kitchen waste into great fertiliser for the garden and reduce the amount of waste you put out each week.
    Cost: Build your own for free, or buy one from your local hardware store for $40-60 
  4. Take part in your local kerbside recycling programme, or find out where your local council recycling centre is, and start putting your newspapers, cans and glass aside for a monthly trip to the recycling station.
    Cost: FREE 
  5. Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your letter box.
    Cost: FREE 
  6. Request a list of notified weed species from your local Regional Council or the Department of Conservation. You might be surprised what you find in your garden.
    Cost: FREE 
  7. Join an environmental organisation. They can lobby on your behalf.
    Cost: Annual membership of the Ecologic Foundation is $45.00 a year

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