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Oceans & Fisheries overview

We New Zealanders are an island people. Our relationship with the surrounding ocean is very important to us.

As part of that relationship, Ecologic believes three great things are worth nurturing:

  • New Zealand’s commercial fishing industry, which is an export success story, a key area of Maori involvement in the economy – and a steadily-improving model of sustainable business;
  • Our recreational fishing tradition, which involves a million New Zealanders in a direct relationship with the sea – and presents an opportunity for dialogue about sustainable ways of living;
  • The ocean ecosystem itself, whose well-being underpins all our fishing activities, and whose natural biodiversity and productivity is of huge value in its own right – but which remains poorly understoood.

New Zealand has a fisheries management system that is widely regarded as world-leading. In addition, the Government is gradually embarking on the development of an Oceans Policy, that is an opportunity for improvements in the wider context.

Ecologic’s role is to focus on the big, unresolved issues where solutions still need to be found.

Threats to NZ's oceans

A better deal for recreational fishing

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