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Eco Restoration

When we talk of ‘the land’, of ‘whenua’ or of ‘sense of place’, we speak of something special about New Zealand – the sense of belonging to a special environment, rich with natural history, culture and family links, and the foundation of our economic well-being.

We also refer to the entire matrix of the New Zealand landscape – from snow-capped mountains and farmed countryside to coastal seascapes and remote offshore island sanctuaries.

When we at Ecologic talk of ‘sustainable land management’, these are the same factors that we strive to recognise. Our goal is to recognise what is special about our environment, and to protect and sustain this, so that it will continue to be the source of our social, economic and cultural identity.

We try to look at all aspects of land management in New Zealand, and come up with long-lasting solutions that establish a relationship of harmony, between the aspirations of people, and the need to look after the land in a sustainable way.

A large part of the task ahead is about the restoration of what has been lost, through past damage to soils, waters and ecosystems: thus we speak of ‘eco-restoration’. We see this as New Zealand’s great challenge. Eco-restoration is a process that will require deep understanding and commitment. It will take a generation to finance and implement. It is not opposed to economic growth and improved rural livelihoods: rather it depends on them. In turn, sustained economic growth depends on restoring our ecosystems.

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